Kalinenok Marat Alexandrovich PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 June 2014 01:59

Tanker Kalinenok Marat AlexandrovichI remember when we rushed towards Konigsberg; our battalion travelled in a marching column on a highway. There was a slope on one side and a swampy depression on the other, and suddenly we ran into an ambush. German artillery pieces knocked out the lead and last vehicles from the mound, but we began to disperse and fire back. I rolled to the right, and then my tank was pierced through, but because of the short range all the crew members survived.... Then out of ten vehicles, I think, we lost four. When we seized the German positions we found that the gunners were chained to their guns...

Yampolsky Joseph Mironovich PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 03:05

Tanker Yampolsky Joseph MironovichIn the afternoon my platoon, consisting of five T-26 tanks, entered the village, and we split up. I went with three tanks along the main street, while my deputy platoon commander Tereshchenko went with two tanks along a parallel street. And then it began. They fired at us from everywhere. One of our vehicles was burned, and the other was only knocked down, but the crew was killed. Somehow I managed to make it on foot to the tank of Tereshchenko and pick up from his dead, bloodstained hands a map case with the map where the coordinates of the German guns were plotted... God protected us; three tanks left the village and went back to our lines.

Sherstnev Alexander Ivanovitch PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 December 2013 22:36

At dawn we finally got to the intended region, mined the main road and laid an ambush. The frost got severer, our hands were almost frozen. Suddenly we heard the roar of approaching enemy cars and opened fire. We killed four Fascist, took the staff papers out of a passenger car and retreated. Soon motorcycles hurried to the assault place and opened a random fire at the forest. When we were ready to fall back our comrade Vanya Ochotnikov came and shouted that Germans were on the opening.

Fedorovich Stepan Georgievich PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 December 2013 23:34

Infantrymen Fedorovich Stepan Georgievich

We lost about 90 of our guys. All in all, it was so BAD! There was real carnage! We clashed tightly in a mortal combat. We fought hand to hand in the trenches using entrenchment tools, rifle butts, finger nails, etc. I mixed it up with one… burly German. He smashed me under my rib with his rifle butt. The impact was so strong that crunch was heard and my eyes nearly fell out of my head and I stopped breathing. Oh, my goodness, I had my rib fractured then…

Kolyadin Victor Ivanovich PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 November 2013 17:27

Kolyadin Victor Ivanovich

Well, what can I tell you about war? I had neither seen anything particularly heroic there nor did any such thing myself. We were just doing our various, dangerous, permanent jobs. In the beginning we retreated, and then slowly began to advance. We did not allow ourselves to think: "I wish the war was over soon!" We just worked. Before the final victory we flew very little. Everyone knew and felt that the end of the war was near. The men were happy to realize that the end of the war meant the end of suffering. When the war was finally over, everybody thought: “Now what?” We learned how to fly, how to fight. We learned how to squeeze everything we could out of the airplanes. “What’s next?” For about a month and a half we just hung around. Then we began to organize the flights

Degen Ion Lazarevich PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 September 2013 23:50

Tanker Degen Ion Lazarevich And then I began to weep: neither pain, nor losses nor fear were the cause of those tears. I wept from my awareness of the tragedy of the retreat which I had witnessed and in which I had taken part, I wept from the terrible thought that all our sacrifices had been in vain ... I wept because I had not even a grenade to blow myself up with the Germans. I wept from the very thought that the Germans were already on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Brock-Beltsova Galina Pavlovna PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 July 2013 10:23

Штурман пикирующего бомбардировщика старший лейтенант Брок-Бельцова Галина Павловна, великая отечественная война, Я помню, iremember, воспоминания, интервью, Герой Советского союза, ветеран, летчики-бомбардировщики, СБ, Пе-2, А-20Ж, A-20G, Пе-8, Р-5, Ил-2, истребитель, мессер, боевой вылет, Ил-4, По-2, У-2, Б-25, B-25, пулемет, радист, штурман, летчик, стрелок, стрелок-радист, Як-1, Як-3, Як-9, Як-7, Як-7Б, УТ-2, УТИ-4, И-15, И-15, И-153, ЛаГГ-3, Миг-3, Ла-5, Ла-7, Ме-109, Ме-110, ФВ-190, ФВ-189, возбушный бой, Боевой разворот, кобра, Р-39, пушка, ВЯ, РС, РС-82, реактивный снаряд, штурмовка, взлет, посадка, бомба, ПТАБ, механик, моторист, приборист, оружейникThe first impression of the Pe-2 is that it’s a beautiful bird of prey. The TB-3was a heavy plane, with a slow speed, a constant shaky ride in the air, but the Pe-2 was a predator, a very beautiful and fast machine, but also very difficult to maneuver. Without the bomb load it weighted 7 tonnes, and then an extra 1200kg of bombs on top of that, and the take-off speed was 280 km/h. So here we are, careening along the earth, along the rolled grassairstrip, it feels like it’s time to take off, but you can’t…Many couldn’t take it and would swerve off the airstrip.

Bryukhov Vasily Pavlovich PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 May 2013 13:48

A heavy battle for Bryansk-Tovarnaya railway station took place. It was raining. We had cut across some river and broken into the station where there were troop trains. It was totally dark night combat. As a matter of fact, the Germans had run away, but we mangled them so nicely. We captured that station, shot up the troop trains and proceeded to advance along the streets finishing off the retreating enemy. After Bryansk we had almost no battles – we proceeded in pursuit. While retreating, the Germans rounded up young citizens and drove them along in crowds.

Otroschenkov Sergei Andreyevich PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 January 2013 10:27

Six tanks with mounted parties passed along the cart road toward the German rear. I always remember with gratitude our tank-mounted submachine gunners. They were brave guys. They certainly never ran along with tanks on attack or rode the tanks under gun fire as shown in movies. They were common living humans. They would hide and shoot here and there. But without them at nights we were as good as blind. They guarded us at nights.

Maslov Ivan Vladimirovich PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 August 2012 12:25

The battles were very intense. Many men remained lying there for good … The Finish snipers, so-called “cuckoos,” (sitting in trees) caused us a lot of trouble. Once, at a crossing of forest roads, we were ambushed. We had the latest model tanks, with "antiaircraft" machine guns installed on turrets. I brought down three "cuckoos" from the tree tops with a machine gun. The Finns operated well in our rear. They would pass on skis through the woods and set up for us bloody "concerts". Once a camp bath house was arranged for soldiers in the woods. It consisted of a big canvas tent, which was heated inside, where the soldiers would come to wash themselves. Three Finns with submachine guns jumped out on skis from behind a hillock and killed a few of our soldiers washing themselves in such a "camp bath". The war was intense …

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